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Facility and Equipment

The neutorn beam facility located at the OSU Nuclear Reactor Lab. A small size ( ~30 mm diameter) well-collimated thermal neutron beam (cadmium ratio = 266) is guided out of the core to an open space where in-situ instrumentation may be set up for testing radiation detectors and chracterizing materials.

The thermal equivalent flux is 8.6 x 10^6 n/cm^2-s  at full power at sample location. Flux may be controlled with reduced reactor power.

A single-crystal sapphire (6" x 4") and a block of polycrystalline bismuth were installed for fast neutron filtering and  for gamma
filtering, thus beam is relatively clean, i.e., with less gamma and
fast neutron contents.






Eight Si detectors are mounted inside the NDP vaccum chamber in a ring format, viewing at the sample with approximatly same angle, hence the detection efficiency is boosted by 8-folds because of the increased solid angle.

A vacuum chamber set up for detector development, a digitizer is shown to the left.